Please call a Town Board member with any road concerns and issues. The Town of Lakeside requires a driveway permit. Driveways (New and existing) must comply with the Town of Lakeside Driveway ordinance. Call Chairman, Scott Luostari for information (218) 390-2969. Snow Plowing The snow plowing fee is $150.00.   Due to the fact that the driveway snowplowing fees are no longer paid through the tax rolls snowplowing fees must be paid to the town by October 1st for upcoming  plowing season.  Sign up letter will be sent in late summer.  Any additional requests for snow plowing may result in additional charges to be paid to the Town of Lakeside. The driveway must be a minimum of 20 feet wide, clear of all obstructions (Tree branches, stumps, vehicles, power lines, etc.), have a vertical clearance of 16 feet and an adequate turn-around space provided. The Town of Lakeside, its officials and employees will not be responsible and/or liable for any items left in driveways and reserves the right to refuse service if these specifications are not met. These specifications also allow for adequate clearances for emergency vehicles (Ambulance, fire trucks, etc.). MAIN ROADS WILL BE PLOWED BEFORE DRIVEWAYS. Driveways will only be plowed if snowfall accumulation is 4 inches or more, declared snow emergency or at the discretion of the Town Board. No plowing will be done in the fall or spring if the ground is not frozen, unless there is an emergency. Please contact the Town Chairman, Scott Luostari, (218) 390-2969 for emergency and extra plowing. Please be patient during snow emergencies.