Become a Volunteer Firefighter!

BE SOMEBODY...                                                                                       VOLUNTEER!

Anyone interested in joining the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department may visit our station on the last Tuesday of the month at 7 pm or contact Chief Nova Nordrum at (715)364-8547 or (218)355-0843.

Membership applications are required and a background check is performed.

FD 2013

As a member of the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department you can be trained as a firefighter, or emergency medical responder or both. You can work in one or all of these positions and you will be trained for FREE! As a firefighter you can start with in-house training to learn the basics and will be equipped with personal protective gear and a pager. After you’ve tried it for a while and decide this is for you we will send you to an NFPA certified course held nearby, in the evenings, at NO COST TO YOU! As an emergency medical responder, you will get the training and equipment to help save a life. This would also be an evening course. We also fight wild land fires.

As part of the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department you will be able to help your fellow community members in many ways.  As volunteers we help our community in fire, medical, accident, and safety emergencies. Fire department personnel are the initial responders in many emergency situations.

There is no greater feeling in the world than helping someone when they are having the worst day of their life.

Your office is a 25,000 pound engine that can pump 1,000 gallons per minute.

You will become part of an elite Team of professionals who citizens of the Town of Lakeside entrust their lives and property to.

When the call comes, BE SOMEBODY who helps!